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Advanced Telematics Solution

Easier installation, More insight, Better Fuel Economy and More Effective Control

Plug & Play

Standard tracking devices installation process takes about an hour and requires professional installation. You can plug VDrive to your vehicles yourself in just a few minutes, save time and money on both first installation as well as when transferrin devices to other vehicles.

Eco Drive

Vdrive is a driving coach that helps you to minimize your fleet’s fuel consumption by analyzing driving data taken from the body computer of your vehicle. On average you can easily save more than %10 fuel consumption.

Dashboard Mileage

Mileage information provided by standard tracking devices deviate abuot %7 – %10 from vehicle dashboard mileage counter. VDrive has the capability to read the dashboard mileage, resulting on much more precise reporting and related accounting.

Driving Behavior Analysis

Vehicle speed, engine speed, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering, idling are factors taken into account when VDrive evaluates and scores the driving behavior. This data and transparency within the fleet leads to more economical and safer fleet useage.

Instant Notifications

Rather than tracking all parameters all the time, you can set rules and alerts. The system will alert you by e-mail or SMS when your rules are breached. Exception based tracking enables you to focus on your core business while we make sure your fleet is performing as expected.

Access from anywhere

You can access the system from your computer, tablet or your mobile phone.

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Do the vehicles in your fleet change frequently? Do not want to pay more for transferring telematics devices from vehicle to vehicle? Choose VDrive and save over 100 Euro per vehicle change.
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Detailed Reporting

Do you wonder that why some vehicles in your fleet have different fuel consumption rates? With VDrive, you can get to the bottom of excessive consumption and start saving instantly.
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Track Dashboard Odometer Value

VDrive provides you the dashboard mileage information with 0 error unlike standart tracking solutions using GPS as the mileage calculator with 7-8% deviation. Correct mileage will reduce many operation losses and provide better, more reliable accounting.


Click on the link to order VDrive for your fleet.

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