Cold Chain Management Systems

The system enables the users to monitor the temperature of the places (like storage buildings, trucks, production units) on real time for the sectors where  temprature control has a critical importance. The companies assure themselves of controlling the storage buildings, production facilities and transportation units from one single point.


Student and Staff Transport Service Control Systems  

By the help of this system most accurate planning for student or staff pick up stops can be done and the vehicle physical coordinates can be traced on real time. While providing route optimization the system also assures the accuracy and efficiency of transport services.


Logistics Fleet Management Systems

Logistics management systems provide a specially developed structure for the international and domestic logistics fleets in need of continuous and efficient service. By the help of this system the fuel consumption of the vehicles and sudden changes on fuel volumes can be monitored.  The main expense of logistics companies can be reduced while controlling the fuel consumption.  In addition to this; with the help of trailer tracking, driver identification, digital tachometer data download systems provided the reliability of the system management is increased dramatically.


Rental Vehicle – Fleet Management Systems 

The vehicle tracking and fleet management system is the core element for rental vehicle and fleet companies. On the daily rentals the system helps to schedule the vehicle returns, and give an opportunity to interfere in the case of urgent matters and vehicle malfunctions. On the short and long term rentals, it enables customers to manage total expenses while giving an opportunity to monitor the usage performance of the vehicles, fuel consumption, the reasons of high fuel consumptions.


Delivery Planning System 

This system is designed to plan service visits, and to assure on time retail deliveries. To increase operational efficiency, the system helps to create visit schedules and to control if the service visits are done in compliance with these schedules. Especially in the case of multiple pick up and delivery stop schedules it both provides fuel and time saving.


OEM Telematic Services

The system which enables reliable, simple and rapid Connected car services of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) works on Vector Telecom’s Application Enablement Platform.  The platform provides real-time data from the vehicle. In this way both next generation connected services supplied to driver and the vehicle manufacturers can understand and control the after sale services experience.


Assignment and Routing Services

Task assignment controls of field teams and regional territory visits can be managed with the system in real time. By this way the operation ensures that each task instantly assigned to field teams, and the operation is managed in high reliability with time saving. The system also enables to control the times of task assignments and accomplishments times. More accurate performance reports can be prepared based on this data.


Driving Safety and Risk Control System  

This system provides to control the vehicles within the trip for travel safety regulations. This includes carriage of dangerous goods regulations, employee safety, speed limits, standstill durations, rapid acceleration and similar rules and regulations. The fleet responsibles assured of fleets’ trips in compliance with those rules and regulations. This system also provides safe and economic driving experience.