We give shape our advanced technology to fit your needs.

As one of the leading M2M & IOT technology providers with over ten years of experience in telematics, we make sure our customers gain the competitive edge with the correct use of technology.


Vektor was founded to build and offer services in M2M segment of ICT with initial focus on vehicle telematics. First product was a GSM roaming based telematics solution for international haulers in an era where this was mostly done with expensive satellite communication. This economical and more feature rich solution got wide market acceptance and selected as the official supplier of international transportation organization controlling over 50.000 trucks.



Turkey’s first OEM telematics solution was developed for FIAT and names FIAT Telepathy. In addition to fleet management the solution provides driver behavior and fuel consumption analysis, remote diagnostic monitoring over 80 fault codes as well as accident detection.
tubitak ve fiat


Fleet management service for MAN trucks was deployed including driver behavior and fuel consumption analysis. Local manufacturer of Mitsubishi busses in Turkey, Temsa launched its coach bus driver evaluation product with Vektor.


temsa ve man


Vektor became the solution partner of GSM operator Turkcell in the M2M and IoT segments to increase the market penetration of its telematics solution. Same year Vektor was awarded the best M2M solution prize by Turkcell for our safe drive monitoring and in cab invoicing solution developed for Shell LPG tankers.


Turkey’s first AEP (Application Enablement Platform) was developed with the support of Tubitak and European R&D program ITEA. Existing projects and all services were migrated to this platform. Launched dispatching automation and optimization solution.



Turkey’s first fuel pass (Vehicle identification system on gas stations) and fleet management system integrated solution Otofilo was deployed for OPET.
Turkey’s first OEM connected car solution for end users Clio Connect was developed for Renault.


Kerem Tiryakioğlu

Kerem is a cofounder and the acting CEO of Vektor.  Other than making sure that everything works, he is leading the company’s vision on new investments and projects in M2M and IOT.

Kerem started his career as a management consultant at Bain & Company where he was involved in projects spanning from online retail to automotive industries.  In 2001 along with his colleagues from Bain, he cofounded an online textile-purchasing platform for manufacturers, Texyard in London where he was in charge of new business development.  After a successful exit in 2004, he movev back to Istanbul and founded Vektor with the aim of being a leading M2M service provider with a SaaS model. For over ten years he led the company from being a telematics service provider for logistics companies to a regional leader in M2M and IOT, with still a significant focus on telematics.

Apart from his position at Vektor, he is the chairman of Prim E, a leading real estate valuation firm, board member of Gram, a healty food chain and borad member of ElimSende.org an NGO providing art classes to primary school students in lower income neighborhoods of Istanbul.

Kerem has a BS in Mechanical Enginnering and a minor in economics from Johns Hopkins University.

Rıfat Burak Ulutoprak
Deputy General Manager / CTO

Burak is responsible for IT operations and software development. He enjoys being the the technical lead in researching latest software advances and R&D in IoT and M2M.

He started his career in 2004 in Milsoft Software Technologies in 3D Graphics and simulation for military defense projects. In 2007, he changed his direction to Banking with Credit Europe Bank Amsterdam as an application architect. He worked in many banking projects in several countries. In 2010, he started working in Pega Systems Amsterdam Office, which is specialized in Decision Management.  After 5 years in Netherlands, in 2012, he returned to Turkey as an enterprise architect to work in Fibabanka. He worked in several projects in the bank to upgrade and enhance the banking software infrastructure with modernized software technologies. In these period, he worked as a part time instructor in Ozyegin University to lecture programming courses to engineering students.

He completed his undergrad education in Middle East Technical University computer engineering department in 2004. Burak also have Executive MBA degree from Ozyegin University.

Kerem Tiryakioğlu
Genel Müdür / Kurucu Ortak

Kerem Vektör’ün kurucu ortağı ve genel müdürü. Araç takip ve filo yönetim sistemleri haricinde M2M ve IOT alanlarına enerji tüketiminin düşürülmesi önceliğiyle ilgi duyuyor ve bu konuda firmanın ARGE süreçlerine de liderlik ediyor.

İş hayatına Bain & Company yönetim danışmanlığı firmasında başladı. 2001 yılında online tedarik zincir yönetim girişimi olan Texyard’ın kurucu ortağı olarak Londra’ya yerleşti ve 2005 yılına kadar iş geliştirme yöneticisi olarak çalıştı. Halen Vektör’deki görevi dışında Prime Gayrimenkul Değerleme A.Ş.’nin yönetim kurulu başkanlığını, Gram Yiyecek İçecek A.Ş’nin yönetim kurulu üyeliği ve Elim Sende eğitim derneğinin yönetim kurulu üyeliğini sürdürmektedir.

Lisans eğitimini Amerika’da Johns Hopkins Üniversitesi makine mühendisliği ve ekonomi bölümlerinde tamamladı.